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Terrorism: USA Style


Today a new study was published,  it was titled “Living Under Drones: Death,
Injury,and Trauma to Civilians From US Drone Practices in Pakistan”. The study was compiled by researchers at both Stanford University and NYU School of Law.  The report documents the terror and fear that the citizens of Pakistan live under on a daily basis.

Read the report in full HERE

The report is not just a few liberal college students deciding to write up a paper to try to impress.  The research “is the result of nine months of research by the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic of Stanford Law School (Stanford Clinic) and the Global Justice Clinic at New York University School of Law (NYU Clinic).”

As Glenn Greenwald notes the first three paragraphs in the report are very powerful and should be eye opening to all; liberals & conservatives alike.

         drone report

The report also goes on to mention this horrifying insight into the drones flying high above in Pakistan:

Drones hover twenty-four hours a day over communities in Northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning. Their presence terrorizes men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety psychological trauma among civilians communities.

The information given in this report are damning and fly right in the face of the Obama Administrations claims that these drone attacks are very precise and cause little to no harm to civilian populations.

It is disgusting to acknowledge that between June 2004 and September 2012 of the 2,562 to 3,325 known and accounted for deaths from drones…176 of them HAVE been documented as children.  This number is probably much greater.

Greenwald also notes that:

Along the same lines, note that the report confirms what had already been previously documented: the Obama campaign’s despicable (and likely criminal) targeting of rescuers who arrive to provide aid to the victims of the original strike. Noting that even funerals of drone victims have been targeted under Obama, the report documents that the US has “made family members afraid to attend funerals”. The result of this tactic is as predictable as it is heinous

This report is vital to understand the failed policies of the drone program. It a well documented and substantial investigation into the terror being reigned down upon the Pakistani people by the White House, Pentagon, & CIA.  All done in secret, without any oversight by our elected officials in congress.

The report also suggests two things that I have always assumed is the result of the drone program.  (1) that the number of high importance targets is a much lower percentage of total killed and (2) It is turning the once semi USA friendly Pakistani population against the United States and is further fueling hatred and violence against us. even helping our enemies recruit:

      drone report

Unfortunately for the American people our Congress, our White House, and vast numbers of both Democrats and Republican cheer on the drone program.  The current status quo of our government officials seem to think that killing innocent people that have never attacked us is justified if we are able to kill one or two top, middle, or low level terrorist targets.  The ends justify the means according to our powerful elites.  They can’t seem to grasp the fact that if we drop bombs on innocent people the victims family members might forever be against us.  If your son or daughter, your mother or father, your brother or sister was killed by a drone attack wouldn’t you seek revenge on the party that ordered and cheered on the attack?  I certainly would. Either all of the supports of the drone program are extremely ignorant and boorish, naive, or simply don’t give two shits about third world populations in other countries.  It is a travesty and it will soon come back to bite the United States.  It is inevitable.